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Backhouse Lieutenant-Colonel , (14)

Baird General Baird Sir David

Lt Col David Baird

Born Haddington Scotland 1757; served in India 1780, POW 1780 to 1784; Major in 25th Foot 5 June 1787; Lieutenant-Colonel 8 December 1790; commanded brigade at Pondicherry 1793; brevet Colonel 21 August 1795; served at Seringapatam 1799; Brigadier-General at Cape of Good Hope 1797; subsequently Major-General 18 June 1798; commanded division in Egypt 1801; Lieutenant-General 30 October 1805; served at Copenhagen 1807; commanded 1st Division in Peninsula October 1808 to January 1809; General 4 June 1813; Commander-in-Chief in Ireland 1820 to 1822; died Scotland 1829.

Barallier Captain

Barclay Captain

Major Robert Barclay

Served in Walcheren 1809; served in Peninsula with 1/71st Foot July 1811 to March 1814, wounded at Nive 1813; Major in 71s Foot 20 January 1814; retired March 1814.

Barnes General

Bell Ensign

Benavente Duchess of

Bentick Lord William

Beresford Brigadier
Beresford General
Sir William Lt Col George, Lord Beresford

Born Ireland 1781, half brother of William Carr Beresford; served in West Indies 1796 to 1798; Major in 6th Dragoon Guards 3 December 1800; Lieutenant-Colonel in Dillon's Regiment 24 September 1803; Lieutenant-Colonel in 71st Foot 16 August 1804; commanded 2/71st Foot 1804 to 1807; exchanged to 2nd Dragoon Guards 30 July 1807; subsequently Major-General 4 June 1814; died 1839.

Blaney Lieutenant (a great tyrant)

Blucher Marshal


Brenier General French General prisoner ( )

Burrard Sir Harry