~ in William's diary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - an attempt to add biographies to those names. Many entries are taken from Steve Brown's British Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815: 71st Regiment of Foot - on the Napoleon Series website
M'Alpin Acting Adjutant

M'Comie John


M'Craw Lieutenant

M'Donald Colonel

M'Intyre Lieutenant

M'Intyre Lieutenant A. S.

M'Intyre Lieutenant John

M'Kay Corporal John

M'Kenzie Captain Duncan (then Paymaster M'Kenzie)

M'Kenzie paymaster

Major in 25 February 1808; retired March 1809.

M'Kenzie Captain John

M'Kenzie Colin 'brother'

M'Kenzie Lieutenant Augustus

M'Kenzie Lieutenant C.

M'Kenzie Lieutenant Lewis

M'Kenzie Major ?

Major Duncan McKenzie

Major in 25 February 1808; retired March 1809.

Major Maxwell McKenzie

Served in Peninsula with 1/71st Foot August 1808 to January 1809; served at Walcheren 1809; again in Peninsula May 1811 to December 1813; Major in 71st Foot 4 June 1813; brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 21 June 1813; killed in action at Nive December 1813;

M'Kenzie Captain (M'Kenzie's) servant was a married man, and his wife a beautiful Irish girl.

M'Laggan Sergeant

M'Mahon son of Doctor , of Omaghrin s.g.(Omagh?) (William's cousin)

Macdonald Lieutenant

Mackenzie Lieutenant-Colonel

Maunsell Captain

McCraw Lieutenant (71st)

Mitchell Lieutenant

Moffat Lieutenant

Monet General

Moore Sir John


Moorhead Lieutenant


Murray Ensign

Murray Lieutenant Thomas