Mrs Evalyn Patterson - for many photographs, and information about the life of William Gavin and his descendants.

'JP' - for information about British flags and the 1806-7 invasion of Buenos Aires

Douglas Houston and Rosemary Millership for their memories of William's diary and handwriting, photographs of his sword, and stories about both.

Mark of - for information about William's sword

Dr Eduardo C. Gerding for his article - The 71st Highland Regiment in 'Buenos Ayres'

Colonel Henry Cadogan author of The Road to Armageddon - for photographs of the Death of Cadogan and its probable site in Vittoria.

Yves Rubin for his permission to use his photograph of a hop field to illustrate William's diary entry of June 21st 1815

Mr David E. Gavin for information about William and his sword on William's Biography page.

Norberto Perez of Argentina for his help with Argentinian place names.

Mick Richards of New Zealand for his information about his ancestor Lt. & later Captain Loftus Richards. See also...